“Rooms come ALIVE through the objects that fill them. We work with designers and collectors whose work we love to source objects that complement and INVIGORATE THE SPACES they occupy. Our selection of decorative objects is constantly evolving and is a reflection of WHAT CURRENTLY INSPIRES US.”

Gilles Caffier

Objects from Gilles Caffier’s studio of 50 artisans are imbued with a combined sense of the traditional and the contemporary, drawing on his own French heritage and his years spent in Tokyo. Caffier’s work runs the gamut from the geometric to the organic—and it is that flash of unexpected transformation that defines his bold, yet always refined, aesthetic.

Gilles Caffier pierced vase
Gilles Caffier ceramic vase
Gilles Caffier patchwork leather lamp
Gilles Caffier burnt wood vase
Gilles Caffier vase
NEW Alt Text: Gilles Caffier burnt wood vase

Vanessa Matraini

A specialist in glass, Vanessa Mitrani has used her chosen medium to push the boundaries of material, texture, and shape. She has experimented with leather, marble and fabric, and committed entire collections to the exploration of single materials, like Japanese porcelain. Her work is studied, but never stiff, impeccable in execution, yet adventurous in spirit.

Vanessa Matrani Glass Bowls
Vanessa Matrani Colored Glass Vases


The driving aesthetic spirit of modern India still lies in the exceptional objects of its past. Working with the best dealers in antiquities from across the Subcontinent, we source objects that bridge the past and present, and contextualize each space within our inimitable artistic heritage.

Antique Hanuman Mask
Antique Ganesh Sculpture
Antique Burmese puppet
Antique cow head sculpture
Horse puppet from Burma