10,00 square foot Villa in New Delhi
Interior Architecture, Interior Decoration
Design and Manufacture of all furniture, millwork and interior architectural elements

For this expansive project, we wanted to create an interior that would match the minimal design of the exterior architecture while softening its edges through a palette of decorative flourishes. In the living room organic materials like agate and travertine add texture and warmth without disrupting the room’s essential tranquility.

A Mughal-inspired screen placed in the entryway became a visual reference for patterns repeating throughout the home. The starbust motif was simplified, magnified and rearranged, used as door pulls, enlarged as an inlay in the foyer, and shrunk as a nailhead pattern in a leather screen to create a sense of visual narrative throughout the house.

Drawing room with modern lamp
Drawing room with bespoke furniture

“This residence reflects the central tenants of the DeMuro Das design PHILOSOPHY: carefully considered DETAILS COALESCE to form a UNIFIED SENSIBILITY that is as BEAUTIFUL as it is TIMELESS.”

Burmese antique puppet on modern cabinet
Drawing room with modern lamp
Drawing room with bespoke furniture
Tan leather sofa with white center table
Custom pocket doors in leather
Detail of blue agate center table
Palisander wardrobe doors and bed