6,000 square foot Apartment in Gurgaon
Interior Architecture, Interior Decoration
Design and Manufacture of all furniture, millwork and interior architectural elements

Perched atop a light-filled tower, lucid color and subdued finishes are used to draw out the two greatest assets of the residence: light and space.

The graceful interplay of matte and sheen unify the adjacent dining and living spaces while giving each its own distinct, comfortable identity within an otherwise expansive volume. A custom-designed partition wall in Palisander with cast resin panels encloses an intimate bar space that is at once private and open, a unified part of a larger whole.

“The client’s collection of CONTEMPORARY ART became the reference point for this project. The colors and textures of the custom furnishings respond to, and amplify, the colors in the client’s arworks for a space that is both SPARE and LIVABLE

Burmese antique puppet on modern cabinet
Luxury bedroom furniture
Modern bathroom with statuario marble